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Branded Hot Chocolate Spoons with Speckled Eggs & Marshmallow options

Honeycomb also referred to as cinder toffee, is a light, airy sweet made from sugar, golden syrup, and bicarbonate of soda. Chefs adore honeycomb for its versatility, it can add a light and crisp element of texture to a multitude of desserts and has a beautiful golden colouring and a sweet, toffee flavour.

  • Available from 100 upwards
  • Full-Colour Print
  • The Eco bag clear film bag is made from plant based material alternatives, making it 100% plastic free and compostable.
  • Winter Warmer – A flow bag filled with 1x Hot Chocolate Sachet, 1x Mini Marshmallows bag, 2x Mini Shortbread Biscuits
  • Christmas gift

If you send us the logo/image and text we can send you proof back to see and alter.

However, if you would like bespoke chocolate made to your specification with logo, size and design just let us know and we can tailor make your own customised bars and boxes.

Please ask us for a quote of the volume you thinking about by either using the form below or just give us a bell on 01903 750999

Please do ask if you have any questions.


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