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Favourites Sweet Biscuit Assortment in Bespoke Box

A Selection Of Plain, Sandwich Creams And Chocolate Coated Biscuits.


A great accompaniment to any cuppa, and a true British staple of many businesses.

They are a perfect snack when you just need that little pick-me-up and with so many varieties to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice!

From small to large, iced or covered with chocolate, what’s not to like?!

These sweet treats bring so much joy and provide us with a brief moment of pleasure.

Each box contains Chocolate Crumble, Sugared Jam Ring, Fruit Shortcake, Custard Cream, Rich Highland Shortie, Digestive, Fudge Brownie Cream, Syrup Cream, Bourbon Cream, Milk Chocolate Digestive, Romany Vanilla Cream, Shortcake.

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