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Hear What Our Clients Say!

“A Voice of Trust: Hear What Our Clients Say!”

Sovereign Speed

They arrived today and look great.

Thank you for the great services. 

They are going out to all our customers as we speak.


Adam Bull
Sales Director


Snap-On’s Easter Egg Packaging Solution: Durable and Personalized

Snap-On, a renowned brand, approached us with a specific requirement for Easter Eggs. Their primary concern was to have large, sturdy eggs that could withstand the rigors of a courier’s delivery cycle without getting damaged.

To meet their unique needs, we designed a bespoke inner tray and personalized box that ensured the eggs’ safe journey. Additionally, we accompanied the eggs with 80g bars of chocolate, each wrapped in a personalized wrapper.

Our attention to detail extended to the outer packaging as well. We custom-made the outer boxes to securely hold the eggs and bars, providing added protection during transit.

In total, we packed and sent 7600 x 150g eggs and 20,000 x bars to Snap-On’s warehouse for distribution to their valued customers.

Our Easter Egg packaging solution proved to be a perfect fit for Snap-On’s requirements, showcasing our commitment to quality, durability, and personalized service.



BBC Killing Eve - Death by Chocolate

Excitement Unleashed: Crafting a High-Quality Box of Chocolates with a Surprise!

During this project, our team members couldn’t contain their excitement. We set out to create a high-quality box of chocolates with a bespoke design and a carefully crafted insert.

Inside this delightful box, you’ll find five delicious chocolates, each offering a delightful taste experience. But there’s one “killer” chocolate that brings an unexpected twist. It’s so intense that even the brave Jamaine Jenas couldn’t resist reacting live on air during The One Show. The surprise was enough to make him spit it out!

Our passion for creating unforgettable chocolates and experiences is just what the doctor ordered. Savor the moments of delight and surprise as you enjoy our thoughtfully curated box of chocolates.


Oliver Valves

We were asked to put together an Easter gift for each employee.  Something that will not only please but also serve a purpose. 

So, to fit the budget we went with the chocolate egg in a bespoke mug with accompaniments.

Glad to say it all went down very well;


Yes, it all went really well. They were very much appreciated.

What type of other promotional material do you do??

I want to put together a very small box to give to each new employee on their arrival.

I was thinking perhaps a little box with a small packet of biscuits/a small chocolate bar/a tea bag and a coffee sachet, or something like that.

All ideas welcome


Sharon Inch – Chartered FCIPD, MIEx

HR Manager


Rapid Response: Coca-Cola Delighted with Quality Chocolates!

When Coca-Cola needed a quick turnaround for a top-notch box of chocolates, we were up to the challenge.

Within just one week, we delivered a product that hit the sweet spot. Our high-quality chocolates left Coca-Cola delighted with the result.

Experience the speed and excellence of our services as we cater to your urgent needs. Savor the sweetness and satisfaction of our delectable chocolates, specially crafted for you.


Personalised Christmas Gifts: Bespoke Chocolate Truffles Delivered On Time

This Christmas, we had the pleasure of designing and creating personalised bespoke boxes of chocolate truffles as a thoughtful gift for the staff.

A whopping 26,000 boxes of chocolates were required, with a tight deadline of 6 weeks for delivery.

We’re thrilled to announce that we successfully met the requirement, delivering the chocolates on time and within budget.

Experience the joy of giving and receiving our exquisite chocolate truffles, meticulously crafted to make this festive season truly special.

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