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Promotional Chocolate Will Wonka Style Golden Ticket

Willy Wonka-style golden ticket promotion.

If you’re looking to create a “Willy Wonka-style” golden ticket promotion, here are some ideas:

Promotions and campaigns.  You could create a competition where customers can enter to win a golden ticket. This could be done through social media or through your website.

Limited Edition Products: You could create a limited edition product that comes with a golden ticket inside.

Loyalty Program: You could create a loyalty program where customers earn golden tickets for making purchases or completing certain actions. Once they collect a certain number of tickets, they can redeem them for a special prize or experience.

Golden Ticket Giveaway: You could create a giveaway where customers can win a golden ticket that entitles them to a special prize or experience. For example, a restaurant might give away golden tickets that offer a free meal or a special culinary experience.

Charity Auction: You could auction off a golden ticket and donate the proceeds to a charity. This could generate buzz and goodwill for your brand while also supporting a worthy cause.

No matter which approach you choose, we can make your  promotion fun and engaging for your customers using creative language and imagery to capture the spirit of Willy Wonka and his golden tickets.

Where did the chocolate Easter egg come from?

Originating in the northern hemisphere, Easter draws heavily on pagan traditions marking the change in seasons, as winter gives way to spring. Symbols of renewal and fertility – like the egg – feature in both pagan springtime rituals and the Christian celebration of Easter.

Early Easter Eggs

Throughout history, people have given each other eggs at spring festivals to celebrate the new season. Eggs represent new life and rebirth, and it’s thought that this ancient custom became a part of Easter celebrations. The decorated egg found its way into Christianity, where it came to represent the resurrection of Jesus from his tomb.

In Lancashire in the 18th century, ‘pace eggs’ became very popular. Pace eggs were made from hard boiled hen, duck or goose eggs, with decorated shells dyed with bright colours.

Hurray The Chocolate Egg!

Fast forward to 1873 when the first English chocolate egg was sold by British chocolatier J. S. Fry & Sons in 1873, quickly followed by Cadburys, introducing their own chocolate egg in 1875. These early Easter eggs were made using dark chocolate and were smooth and plain, but in 1897 the famous Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate was first introduced. Chocolate eggs made with this new recipe were very popular, and soon became Easter bestsellers. Even today, most Easter eggs are made using milk chocolate. There is a huge range available including milk, dark and white chocolate, and even eggs with our favourite sweets and chocolate bars included inside the packaging.

Did you know?

The earliest chocolate eggs were also designed with the well-known ‘crocodile’ design in order to hide any cracks or other imperfections.

If like us, you love Easter and the joy of giving view our full Easter Promotional chocolate range here

The Christmas Chocolate Feel-Good Factor

Christmas is just around the corner and no sooner has the last pumpkin left the patch will Santa and his elves are filling our shelves, adverts, and social pages with tempting Christmas goodies and treats.

Here at The Chocolate People, we use our  years of experience to excel at producing oodles of lovely, bespoke, chocolatey treats for you to be able to spread Christmas cheer to your customers and staff this year.

All of our ranges can be personalised, and many are very affordable so they will all certainly have the Christmas feel-good factor.

Check out our Desktop Advent Calendars and let your team devour 24 luxury Christmas themed chocolates until Christmas Eve, or how about personalising a beautiful Hamper filled with Ridgeview Wine and Lindt chocolates to show your appreciation. Christmas themed lollipops, puddings and gold coin Christmas cards are always firm favourites or choose one of the more sumptuous boxes of truffles, filled with the finest chocolate ganache.

Whichever you choose, your order will be in safe hands with us.  We can help with incorporating your design onto the packaging and ensure smooth delivery – and what’s even better is that most of our chocolate goods can be ordered right up to the beginning of December. 

Take a look at our range at and we look forward to hearing from you.

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